Fast, Simple and Secure Remote Access with SecureKEY

When it comes to computer security, you can never be too secure. Even with all the latest data encryption, updates, anti-virus, firewall and other security measures, there can still be vulnerabilities that can be overlooked thus exploited. One remarkable method of protecting computer and its network is by physical authentication device that acts like a key. Aside from the usual username and password, the device itself is needed to gain access to the computer remotely. One such device is the SecureKEY, a simple yet innovative gadget that gives you physically authenticated remote access to your workstation by simply plugging it into a USB port.

Simply put, a computer with your personal SecureKEY inserted is the only PC that will be able to remotely use your workstation. To use this device, first activate SecureKEY to the host computer. After that, just plug the SecureKEY to any PC with internet connectivity to remotely access the host computer. Just sit back as this device automatically logs you in to your workstation. Once remotely logged in, you can control your workstation as if you were actually in front of it. Installation on the host computer can take about 5-10 minutes and setting up the SecureKEY is about a minute or two. A minor note on the quality of display though, since the desktop is displayed in its original host computer resolution, it may look a bit different or distorted.

Follow this link for more on SecureKEY.

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