Experience Ultimate Bamboo Fun with the Multi-Touch Technology

bamboo funDo you always want to get in touch with Bamboo? Then try this new addition to Wacom’s family of Bamboo tablets – the Multi-Touch. It makes you work in a natural by allowing you to bring into play simple hand gestures and finger taps when navigating, browsing documents, zooming in and out of images, and many other functions.

With the Multi-Touch technology, input coming from more than one finger is being sensed. This makes it possible for the user to employ multi-finger motions to be able to do usual commands. The nine gestures that prove to be useful with your tablet are click, right click, double click, forward & back, navigate, scroll, rotate, zoom, as well as select and drag.

Bamboo tablets, in case you’re not familiar with them, are USB peripherals that provide PC users with natural and instinctive input. To achieve its goal of establishing harmony between technology and human beings, Wacom blends Multi-Touch or finger-based input with pen input to bring in a new standard in human-computer relations. Bamboo’s family of five unique tablets includes pen-only, touch-only, as well as three versions of the Multi-Touch and pen combination. With these choices, users have the freedom to work with their laptop or personal computer the way they want.

Bamboo is a very practical investment since it is user-friendly and is compatible with Mac or Windows operating systems. While this Multi-Touch input is foreign to some, there are touch-centric users who have come out due to the emergence of mobile devices. Now that there’s already a healthy market for this product, Multi-Touch will be here to stay. So visit Amazon and get yourself a set which includes Bamboo Fun (Small) White Tablet with Pen, Mouse & Graphics Software.

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