Everything is a Touch a Way with Stantum Slate PC

Slate PCWhen you are looking for a tablet PC with barebone level functionality, outmost simplicity and a touch of innovation, look forward to the Stantum proof of concept Slate PC. The Slate PC features their proprietary PMAtrix multi-touch display screen that replaces the classic keyboard and mouse combo. User inputs like typing, handwriting, gestures, or cursor control are taken to a whole new interactive level thanks to the multi-touch screen. This gadget features support for 10 simultaneous touches, finger and stylus input and finger-pressure detection through a Windows 7 interface. Stantum maximized benefits of the pre-installed 32 bit Windows 7 OS by using reactive stylus input and pinpoint accuracy detection.

Inspired by Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook platform and designed by Stantum’s research in France; this pseudo prototype tablet did away with some of Inspiron Mini’s trimmings and converted it to a very scalable, low power, low solution and mass production device. Changes include the elimination of the keyboard, trackpad, and webcam. Wi-fi and Bluetooth antennas were also dropped and the USB ports were reduced to 2 instead of 3 as well. In lieu of these changes, Stantum added the 16:9 PET/Glass multi-touch panel and controller.

At a size of 370x240x95mm, Slate PC also inherited much of the Dell Inspiron’s slim and compact design. A considerably fair trade given the fact that Stantum is obviously aiming for a simple tablet PC system. Evaluate a Stantum Slate PC today and have a taste of innovation.

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