Eternaleds HydraLux-4 Liquid-Filled LED Light Bulb: Go Green and More

eternalleds1Go green! That’s what Eternaleds aims to achieve and more with this Hydralux-4 Liquid-Filled LED Light Bulb. Although there are lots of green gadgets available these days, there is nothing in particular that can be used as alternative to incandescent bulb without sacrificing its good looks. Before, if people want an eco-friendly lighting, they have no choice but to use the not-so-good-looking compact fluorescent (CFL). Now, with the liquid-filled LED bulb from Eternaleds, the high-end look that incandescent gives is maintained while getting the superior energy efficiency of LED.

But here’s more, the HydraLux-4 is also designed to be long lasting as it consumes only 4W to provide light that is equivalent to what a 25W incandescent bulb provides, with a lifetime of 35,000 hours. Now, you won’t have to worry about replacing your bulb from time to time; thus the additional savings will surely benefit you.

And how about these features – non-hazardous, fully-dimmable, outdoor-approved, and cool to the touch? For sure, you can’t wait to take advantage of all these. Non-hazardous indeed because the LED bulb does not contain mercury and the liquid inside is similar to the baby oil’s composition so you are assured that it is non-toxic and UL compliant. And if your old bulb is not capable of being dimmed, this one is fully dimmable, allowing you to create the ambiance that you want for your room. But if you want to use it outdoors, you can always do so. And yes, it always runs cool, making it safe in any household application.

So, go green and more with the HydraLux-4 Liquid-Filled LED Light Bulb! And for more LED bulbs options, click here.

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