Enjoy your card games with the Automatic Card Shuffler

Not everyone knows how to shuffle cards.  If you are one  of the
unfortunate few who end up destroying your turn to shuffle during card game
nights, then, fear no more. The automatic card shuffler is here to help.

Described as “Super Speedy Shuffling”, the automatic card shuffler can be
used for shuffling one or two decks of cards. Just put the two card decks in
each tray found at both sides of the card shuffler, press the button, and watch
as the two decks merge together in one large shuffled deck of cards. The new
shuffled deck will be moved in a sliding compartment found at the center of the

This device is very easy to use, even your kids can use it. Young children
who are starting to play easy card games will be able to use it with their
friends or other family members. It can be assured that your kids will be safe
from any danger when they use it.

Other than the fact that it is very easy to use, it is also very portable
and lightweight, so wherever your card games will be held, whether at a friends’
house or a resort out of town, you can bring it with you.

The automatic card shuffler requires 2 x C batteries. Find out more about
this amazing gadget here.

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