Enjoy Handsfree Driving with Jabra Cruiser

Do you know that talking on the phone while driving is illegal? Studies showed that crashes caused by cell phone use while driving cost about $43 billion every year. This amount is made up of medical costs and loss of life. That is why nowadays, using a hand held phone while driving is strictly against that law and any violation thereof can lead to fines or penalties. For younger drivers, the penalties can even be more severe. So, if you are still fond of taking and making calls on your mobile phone while driving, better change your habit now. But, if there’s really a need for you to call while driving, then just make sure you are equipped with a Jabra Cruiser to enjoy handsfree driving.

jabra_cruiserSo, what exactly is the Jabra Cruiser? It is a revolutionary Bluetooth in-car Speakerphone that allows you to drive and talk on the cellphone at the same time without the need to hold the latter. It is equipped with a Dual Microphone technology so you are assured of improved calling quality since background noise is eliminated while enhancing voice. It also boasts an additional voice announcement feature to provide you with pairing instruction, battery status information, and connectivity and inform you whoever is calling as it accesses your address book. And lastly, it is equipped with an FM transmitter so you can enjoy great music and take calls through your car speakers.

There is really a significant risk involved with using your mobile phone while you are at the wheel. So, why take chances if you can greatly improve your driving safety by means of this Jabra Cruiser Bluetooth Car Kit / Speakerphone (Black)? Get one at Amazon.com for only $73.31 now!

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