Enjoy a Heavenly View with the EXT80 PE and EXT125 PE Astro Telescopes

Astronomy or the study of heavenly bodies is a big science backed with some pretty popular names like Galileo Galilei, Nicolaus Copernicus, Edmond Halley and Edwin Hubble. If you are into star gazing, deep space heavenly bodies and Mandy Moore (A Walk to Remember) then you’ll probably fall in love with the EXT80 PE and EXT125 PE Astro Telescopes.
Say goodbye to “ye old” binoculars, start charts and astronomical calculation with these series of automated telescopes. Now, astronomy enthusiast can enjoy viewing the heavens even without knowing their zenith from their north or Orion from Small Dipper. These hi-tech telescopes may not be as far reaching as the NASA Hubble telescope or as famous as the Mauna Kea Observatory but they are much simpler to use. Both models have the Autostar controller which automatically finds the astronomical object you want to view. Simply provide your location and it will know what heavenly bodies are visibly available in your area. Just take your pick from the visible objects and the onboard computer will help point the telescopes in the right direction complete with additional astronomical details.

The Astro telescopes can also automatically lock and track those astronomical objects as they move through the night sky. The EXT80 PE Astro Telescope is the lighter version of the two models having the lower aperture, focal length ration and celestial objects. The EXT125 PE features better and more deluxe specs for the more serious astronomer.

View this website for more information about the Astro Telescope series.

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