Enchanting Flitter Fairies

Oh, flying fairies! Do you think they are real? Ever since the dawn of time, stories about fairies have been around. Although some do not believe that they do exist, they still hold a charm for most people, no matter what age. Little girls, specifically, love the thought of seeing one, thus they enjoy portraying themselves as enchanting fairies during birthdays, halloween, and various costume parties. They are also captivated by the fairies’ colorful wings and dress, so they simply adore having toy fairies in their possession just like these cute and enchanting Flitter Fairies.

b993_flitter_fairiesMeasuring approximately 4.75″ tall, these Flitter Fairies are perfect gadget gifts for your little girls ages 8 and up. They can either wear them as hair clip or play with them using a wand and a very thin yet very strong thread called pixie silk. And you know what makes this fairy more amazing? It can actually flitter, flutter, and flap its wings to your heart’s content. Simply put in the 2 AG5 batteries, switch it on, and taaadddaaa – there goes your flying fairy! Your little girl will sure love having one of these fairies fluttering her wings in a truly elegant way. And she’ll even be more amazed once she used the wand to see her fly around gracefully.

So, why don’t you let your little girl have some fun and have her own magical fairy tale experience? Give her one of these Flitter Fairies this coming holiday season – choose from the blue fairy, the pink fairy, and the green fairy. Buy here now!

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