Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt – Wear It and Play It

Playing the guitar is fun. However, because of its size, you may not be able to bring it with you at all times. That would have been okay if the place you’re going is already entertaining or not too boring. But if not, for sure, you could have wished that your guitar is handy enough so you can counter boredom. Thankfully, ThinkGeek is around to rescue guitarists like you from being stuck in boring places – introducing the Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt.

electronic_rock_guitar_shirt_animYes, you read it right! Indeed, there’s a guitar shirt that you can wear and play at the same time. As its name implies, the Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt is a t-shirt based real playable electric guitar that produces great rock sound. By simply using a special magnetic pick, you can actually strum and play the electric guitar printed on this shirt, almost like the real thing. It even includes a mini guitar amp speaker that easily clips to your belt and plays all major chords that are recorded from a real electric guitar. Plus, it has a tone knob that allows you to turn its volume up to 11. Simply amazing! Now, all you need to do is start rockin’.

But hey, maybe you’ll ask, “How do I wash the shirt then?” The answer is simple. Remove the electronic components of the shirt and that’s it. No hassle!

Now, if you are interested to have this interactive tshirt or want to give one to your friend or loved one, click here.

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