Electronic Coin Sorter

ELECCOINSWhenever I come back home from school, I always empty out my pockets and then go for a shower. In my pocket are coins where I just put somewhere and no one knows whether they will ever be used or even when the light might shine upon them. Thinking about that, that behavior of mine could have really saved me a lot of money over the years by using some change! Tsk, I wish that I have this Electronic Coin Sorter to help me manage my coins.

This Electronic Coin Sorter is the solution to the problem of where to put loose change, or maybe be the financial crisis. Just put your coins into the input tray above and the coin sorter’s mechanism would be like the picky squirrels in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which sort your coins according to size. This gadget can sort up to 20 coins at a time and there is like a coin reservoir above to make it be sorted in queue if you’ve got lots of coin. When it’s time you need the coins, just empty out the tube and it is ready to be filled again. Whenever the coin tubes get full, a drawer for excess coins is present below the tubes. Aside from personal use, I can see this gadget handy for store owners to easily count their coins from their registers.

Whether for personal or business use, you could get this handy coin sorter here.

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