Electric Shock Laser Guns – Am I Feeling Lucky Today?


During the wild western movie days of yore, we have the good, the bad, and the ugly. Now in the 21st century, we have the painful. Introducing another exciting way to play chicken with an electrifying twist, the electric shock laser guns make a man either the quick or the fried. These new futuristic laser guns are the stuff for space cowboys. They are able to send a small shock of electricity in either low or high setting through the guns’ metal grip when you are apparently “hit”. The electric shock laser guns also come with a small breastplate with 6 LED lights to serve as targets, so precision, agility and tactics will be the key to a lightning victory. Realistic sound effects are incorporated in the product like sounds for reloading and the dreaded out of ammo “click” for a more genuine gun dueling experience.

These guns are not children’s toys and definitely not for the meek and weak hearted. They are designed for 16 years old and above with tolerance to pain and the morbid desire to inflict the same amount of pain and suffering to his unlucky opponent. The laser guns are powered by Energizer Ultraplus – AAA Battery (4 Pack) and since they produce electric shocks, they are not suitable for young children and people with epilepsy or related circumstances. The laser guns may also impede pacemakers.

If you do not have these conditions and are very much qualified to a next level combat, the supplies are readily available here.

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