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eFaxLogoWhether you’re the boss of your own company (lucky you!) that personally handles top level communications or just another secretarial peon, you’re probably familiar with how incredibly important yet complex business communication can be. You only have a few precious office hours but e-mail, memos and faxes may arrive anytime 24/7. Sure with the existing internet technology today, you can always handle e-mail on the go. But in the business world, e-mail is not always the top honcho. Fax has the distinct advantage being the media of choice for sending encrypted sensitive information, especially for materials under Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA mandates. Also in other countries, faxed copies of signed documents are honored by law whereas electronic signatures are not.

If only sending fax were as easy as sending e-mail. Well it is with the new eFax! With eFax, faxed documents can be treated as e-mail attachments making it faster and easier to send, receive and even archive them. Do away with the bulky fax machines, paper consumption, additional phone lines and expensive long-distance rates. This new digital product allows you to choose your own local or toll-free fax number, read faxes in 3 electronic formats (PDF, TIFF, EFX) and route faxes on 5 e-mail accounts. You can send or receive faxes using your current email address and handle them wirelessly using your PDA or cell phones. When you sign up with eFax you’ll also get extra freebies like limited free incoming fax pages, 24/7 customer support, online fax storage and 99.5% uptime experience.

Try eFax free – instant activation or dial 877-349-1462 to inquire more about eFax.

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