EcoStapler – The Staple-Less Stapler


The innovative EcoStapler means you’ll never run out of staples again. To be used at home, office, or school, the EcoStapler will make an ideal stocking filler. Convenient and environment-friendly, the EcoStapler secures the paper together or clips several pages together without using staples. Handheld, the EcoStapler will clip 3-4 pages together by a clever cutting and folding action which happens as you clip. And because it does not make use of steel staples, it makes it easier to recycle the paper as there are no staples to remove.

With an outer shell that’s made of eco-friendly P.E.T., this fantastic but simple tool is also ideal for attaching cheques to payment slips where paper clips or staples cannot be used. It never runs out of staples and because it doesn’t need staples, it helps to reduce waste metal deposits as well. Actually, if everyone in their office saved one staple per day, that would be 72 tonnes of metal saved each year.

The EcoStapler however, can’t be used as a direct replacement for a conventional stapler in all situations as its paper stapling abilities is limited to 3-4 sheets. But still, it is a very useful little thing and will provide amusement when work is just too boring.

Show the world you love it by getting your own EcoStapler here.

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