Easy Hi-Tech Cooking with the Top 5 Digital Kitchen Gadgets

You know what they say about cooking right? They say it’s both a science and an art – and when it comes to the science part, you can’t take away the latest techie cooking gadgets in the A-list of kitchen’s must haves. They may not be as ground breaking as the discovery of fire or as big as the latest Hell’s Furnace 2000 Ultra Oven BUT they may spell the difference between a perfect omelet to an oh-my-gosh.

Here are the top 5 picks for digital kitchen gadgets in no particular order:
Cooking is like alchemy, the secrets lie in getting the measurements right. The new SmartMeasure Cup puts cooking measurement in whole new pin point accuracy level. Estimation and guesswork will be a thing of the past. It displays precise measurement on its angled backlit LCD. The display is located along the handle for no frizz measurement. It’s smart enough to do unit conversions and offer pre-set ingredient measures. For easy cleaning, the cups are easily removable.

Next would be a gadget for frying. The Digital Thermometer Pan is the way to get the perfectly heated gourmet (pancakes and French toast comes to mind). This 7.8 inch Dupont-nonstick skillet has an integrated thermometer in the pan with digital readout in the handle. It displays real time pan surface temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. When the cookbook says 200F and your reading says 200F, you know you’re cooking it right – for any other mishap, blame your dog.
Polder Digital Hourglass Timer
The next gadget is the 21st century kitchen version of ye old sand timer – the 5-inch Polder Digital Hourglass Timer. Its ease of use, popularity and cute designer factor made it available in the top picks. It features a button-lit Dual LCD that can display a 99 Minute Timer and Stopwatch 12/24 Hour clock. You can even flip it over just like a real hour glass.
digital thermometer fork
The next two gadgets are for meat and BBQ’s. Smoke and meat never taste as good as a well done barbeque. First is the intelligent Kitchen Thermometer Fork, it’s more of a “stick it in” thermometer with a dial for different meat types (beef, pork, chicken, turkey, veal, lamb or fish). Just select your food from the dial, stick it in and it will tell you if the meat is rare, medium rare, medium or well done.
digital BBQ tongs
The second product is the Admetior E577B Digital BBQ Tongs
– and this is the big daddy of tongs. It can basically tell you that the BBQ is done by measuring the internal temperature of the meat via its Temperature sensor. It also has a dial for different meat types with USDA-approved cooking temperature. Just select on how you want your barbeque done and it will tell you when it’s ready.

That’s our top 5 for Digital Kitchen Gadgets. Keep visiting for more top picks only here at geekiegadgets!

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