Easy and Fast Digital Exodus with Belkin Easy Transfer Cable for Windows 7

Migrating to your all new Windows 7 machine can be as exciting as getting freed from a lifetime’s worth of slavery and hard labor under a ruthless Pharaoh. But remember, it isn’t all sunshine and pretty flowers when going on a digital exodus from one system to another. Preparing, preserving, transferring and backing up your files and user settings can be a very daunting and time consuming task especially for IT administrators.
Belkin Easy Transfer Cable
Belkin International Inc. has an easy system migration solution in the form of Easy Transfer Cable for Windows 7. This cool gadget is a quick and straightforward way to transfer your audio, images, movies, and documents. It also supports other contents like user accounts, settings and customizations for Windows files and folders, program settings and data files, and e-mail messages and contacts. Migrating from an older version of Windows to the new Windows 7 with your favorite settings could never been made easier without Belkin Easy Transfer Cable. This 8 feet transfer cable is engineered specifically to work with Microsoft’s Windows Easy Transfer utility to provide uninterrupted transfers with post migration report. Belkin Easy Transfer supports high-speed transfers at 480Mbps via USB 2.0 and is backward compatible with the older USB 1.1.

Transferring is made easy as 123, just install the software, connect the cable and follow the onscreen instruction. The Belkin cable however does not support transfer of software and applications due to possible compatibility and copyright issues.

Begin your Windows 7 migration with the help of Belkin Easy Transfer cable at Amazon.

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