Early Birds – Have iMM153: Desktop Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker for iPod


If there is a list of 101 uses of iPod, an alarm would be on the top tier when combined with the new iMM153: Desktop Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker. For people with iPod who wants to wake up in their favorite tune rather than the traditional buzz and rings, this dual alarm clock slash universal iPod dock is perfect. It has built-in speakers which produce crisp and clear sounds for that “Good Morning Sunshine!” awakening mood. A supplementary input for audio devices like headsets and speakers is also provided for those who want their alarm or music extra loud. An easy to read digital display shows the time and has a LCD dimmer level control.

For those who find it hard to wake up on time like a bear in deep winter hibernation, a bed shaker is included which vibrates a pillow or a bed to alert the deepest sleepers. If that is not enough, it is possible to choose from different alarm sounds like tunes from the iPod, FM radio or buzzer. When the Desktop Alarm Clock is not busy waking people up, it functions as an iPod dock which can play and charge iPods. A FM radio with PLL digital tuning technology and 10 programmable presets for radio stations is also integrated. The device is compatible with the popular and latest iPod generations from nano, touch, classic to mini.

You can visit this website for more choices of alarm clocks and other similar iLuv products.

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