e-Loam F7 netbook


Do you feel that a netbook is still too big for you? Or is it maybe that you want to have a cool looking device that you can bring around in your pocket? Then the e-Loam F7 might be the gadget for you.

Produced by Shenzen e-Loam Technology Company, the e-Loam F7 has a 7 inch touch screen TFT LCD, 1.2GHz Via C7 processor, 1GB DDR2 memory, 8GB hard disk capacity, 0.3megapixel web camera, Bluetooth, WiFi, and 2 in 1 memory card reader.

Specs wise, this netbook isn’t the mega-performer compared to its big name competitors. Rather, this is a netbook is designed to be simply portable. The 8GB of hard drive space won’t be much after installing Windows XP, but it would be more than enough to store all your documents, spreadsheets or presentations. The processor seems to be sufficient for light usage as it is the same with the old HP Mini, but running demanding applications on this machine might be quite slow. Take note that this netbook doesn’t have a physical keyboard so typing documents isn’t recommended.

Overall, the e-Loam F7 netbook isn’t for everybody as what netbooks are in general. If you want to do ultra portable computing but still want to do a little bit of photoshop or play your HD videos, then choose a more powerful netbook. But, it you want a netbook where you could just practice your presentation, maybe watch a couple of videos or do some editing on your documents while on the road, then the F7 might just be your netbook of choice.

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