Dyson Air Multiplier is Your Dream Fan

fanLargeFaceOnWhy reinvent the wheel? The wheel, as we know is a perfect concept already. It is perfect in a sense that changing it would be futile since there would be nothing better than the wheel (like imagine the ride on a car cubes underneath it). That would make your Starbucks coffee spill all over you – before you even hit a speed bump.

The Air Multiplier is tagged as a fan that doesn’t use fans. Well people could only speculate on how the fan works. It could range from the weird idea of using sounds to make air travel, to the simplest that there could be invisible fans blowing the wind. The truth is that there are still blades on this fan only hidden in the base of the fan making it look like it blows air from nothing.

This fan from Dyson also eliminates buffeting which you get from conventional fans. Buffeting is the occurance where the wind blown from conventional fans get interrupted every now and then. With the air multiplier technology, the breeze that this fan can give is 15x than that of conventional fans. This air multiplier will bring you one solid continuous stream of air – thanks to its solid spotlight-like design.

The 10″ version costs $299.99 while the 12″ costs $329.99. Availability isn’t yet known but it is said to be soon. Yeah it is quite expensive for a fan but who would really want conventional fans for personal use when you have experienced this futuristic fan yourself, right?

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