DX1 Input System – Lets You Play the Game Your Way

Ever wished you could rearrange the keys on your keyboard so you can play any online game your way? Or ever dreamed you could make one key to execute not just one command but a string of commands to have ultimate power and control while gaming? Wish and dream no more because here’s a cool gadget that’s just the perfect solution to your woes – the DX1 Input System.
Designed as a customizable keyboard, the DX1 Input System allows you to stick the keys where you want them to be and then tell DX1 what command/s that you want for each key to do. Yes, you have the option to configure that key with either just a single command or a string of commands. Let’s say you configure button 1 with switch weapons, while button 2 is fire again, duck, and switch back to original option. The control is all yours to make. So, once you start gaming, you already have the edge over your competitors.

Okay, so how to create your ideal keyboard with the DX1 Input System? First, look into these stuff that are included in the system: (1) pad, (2) a removable tray, (3) 25 numbered keys with a storage tray, (4) preprinted key labels, (5) an installation CD, and (6) a quick start guide. To start using all these, your desktop should meet these requirements:

* Windows XP / 2000 (with Service Pack 3 or later) – US Version
* 350 MHZ Pentium III PC (or equivalent)
* 128 MB RAM
* 50 MB of free hard drive space
* Powered USB Port (1.1 or 2.0)
* US English Keyboard
* Mouse

All these checked? Then, start sticking the 25 included buttons to the tray in any configuration. No worries if you mess up or changed your mind about one or two keys, you can easily remove them and restick. Now, to assign/record commands, use the two permanent little buttons. If you’re having difficulty configuring your keyboard, simply refer to the qucik start guide included in the package.

The Ergodex DX1 Input System only costs $139.99. Buy one now!

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