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Dulin's 360 whiteBookworm and bibliophilism doesn’t necessarily mean large rimmed eyeglasses, back-breaking hard bounds, multiple library memberships and mastery of the library card catalog. Those are so yesterday. Today, electronic book readers are the new bibliophile’s next best friend. They are compact, lightweight, portable and can hold as much books as your local library. And although there are other more pronounced brand and models of electronic readers out there, book lovers ought to take a serious look on the newest addition to Dulin’s Pocketbook reader family – the PocketBook 360. This latest model from Dulin uses Linux platform running on a Samsung® S3C2440 AL-40 400MHz processor and 64MB RAM. This combination significantly improves the reader’s performance as well as the boot time.

The e-reader has a built –in 512MB internal memory with 466MB user accessible free space that can be expanded thru microSD or microSDHC slots. The PocketBook 360 makes the full use of E Ink Vizplex display for realistic print on paper look and it retained its predecessor’s wide language, format, and font support.

Dulin's 360 blackThis gorgeous 5-inch electronic book has a very ergonomic feel and an easy layout. The buttons are conveniently placed on the side of the PocketBook 360; it allows simple ambidextrous handling both in horizontal and vertical position. The integrated G-sensor or accelerometer shifts the reader in landscape or portrait mode with just a change in orientation. Another great feature of this latest gadget is the design cover for screen protection which comes in geometric pattern with the black model and swirling wind pattern for the white.

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