DroboElite – Your Simple and Fast Enterprise Storage Solution

DroboEliteThe best computer hardwares are not found in consumer level electronics. In Small to Medium Business applications, consumer level hardwares are nothing but fish food. Take a look at the new DroboElite Network Attached Storage and see what true business class hardware looks like. It is an external HDD built for consolidating a centralized storage across different servers. The DroboElite seamlessly merges ease of use with sophisticated technology and robust performance. First, it easily fits in onto any existing TCP/IP network using zero- click Dual High-Speed iSCSI Interfaces and iSCSI protocol to act as a central storage.

Keeping up with the increasing demand for drive capacity is also made simple, DroboElite allows up to 8 HDD on the spot expansion to 16TB and higher. To upgrade capacity, just insert a new HDD or replace the one with the lowest capacity. This would have been a daunting task for a typical RAID system, but this professional NAS uses BeyodRAID technology. BeyodRAID allows “mix and match” of different HDD while maintaining automatic, instantaneous and access to data. This self managing and automatic healing technology also provides data protection against hard disk failure while providing instant capacity expansion without downtime.

Feel twice as secured with the one click dual-drive redundancy feature that protects up to 2 HDD against critical failure. With a click, easily shift from space saving single redundancy to a more secured dual redundancy.

Those are just the tips of the iceberg. This time, click here to find out more about DroboPro and how to get one.

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