Drive E Moticon LED Car Sign Helps You Communicate with Other Drivers


Have you seen any of these signs at the back of someone else’s car? These are emoticons that will allow you to express exactly how you feel towards other drivers on the road. In other words, these are signs that you can use to communicate with other drivers. It could make driving safer while letting you express your mood while driving. And the best part is – it fits any vehicle and installs in seconds. Cool, isn’t it?

The Driving LED emoticon is a battery-operated, wirelessly-controlled message sign that can be attached to the rear window of your vehicle through the included suction cup. Meaning, there is no long wire for plugging into the cigarette lighter, and batteries (4 x AA and 2 x AAA, not included) last for approximately 4 months, depending on usage. In addition, a remote control unit is kept at the front of the vehicle (fixed to the front window, dash, or laid in a storage compartment) to activate the messages by pressing one of its buttons. It can display any one of five different messages – thanks, back off, idiot, sad face, and smiling face.

Package contains:

• 1 x LED displayer
• 1 x Infrared remote control and angle adjustment
• 2 x Cupulas
• 2 x Screws

So before you go on a road rage rampage, pick up your own emoticon LED car sign right here.

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