DormVault Laptop Safe

dormvaultDorm life is fun and exciting. You will meet different kinds of people in your dorm which could be part of something big in your life, possibly your roommate. Ahh, your roommate. You entrust everything in your dorm with your roommate when you’re away. From your bag of Cheetos to your DC Hoodie, he has access to them. But do you really have to rely on trust even on your wallet, gadgets, cellphone, and laptop? It would still be best to have peace of mind knowing the your belongings are safe. Introducing, the DormVault Laptop Safe for your security needs.

Thought that some fancy cable-lock hooked on your laptop makes it safe from thieves? Think again! Those cable-locks can be cut by a cheap bolt cutter while you’re away draining all of your brain juices. Also, that doesn’t protect your laptop components like your battery, hard drive, memory etc so even if the thief wouldn’t get your whole laptop, you will be left with a botched up one. This combination-locked safe can be bolted from the inside to your dorm furniture making it hard if not impossible to remove. It can accomodate up to a 17″ laptop and still have room for some accessories and gadgets like your cellphone, portable hard drive, iPod, camera etc.

The possible thief might not be your roommate at all! It could also be someone who has access to the keys of your room or someone that has really some skills in opening doors. It is indeed better to be safe than sorry.

So when you plan out your dorm room, be sure to include DormVault into your checklist.

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