Doodle in Circles With the R/C Doodling Bug

Kids are now more equipped than ever! The LEGO mp3 player that was featured some posts back, and more recently, those alternative energy lab and global warming kit that makes them more intelligent and knowledgeable. Now, this remote controlled bug let kids doodle around without even using their own hands! Talk about letting someone do the dirty job.

b172_rc_color_bug2The R/C Color Bug Doodling Toy makes your kid doodle around in circles using some stick controls on the remote. The R/C bug has a hole on the top where the included markers are placed and then off it goes. The marker writes along the path that the bug has been, which parents can call the path of destruction (just imagine the amount of floor scrubbing involved). The remote control is easy to operate with just a forward and a backward and a combination of both for curved movements. This isn’t really something that lets your kids draw creatively as it can only do a bunch of circles at most. That unless you try to be imaginative and see bunnies and those stuffs as if you were looking at cloud formations. This is also a toy that might make parents see images of crazy lines running everywhere in the house. In case you will be getting this, the included markers are washable, but take note that your kids might insert a permanent marker which can seriously mess your hardwood floors.

There is always one available to be purchased here.

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