Don’t Get Caught Off Guard with StealthSwitch

It is very unnerving to have that feeling of being watched or someone might unexpectedly pry on what you are doing. This is true to both home and office environment, especially involving computer privacy at work. There is always a risk of other people passing by and getting a peek of what is on your computer screen. Turning off your monitor or quickly minimizing your windows when somebody is approaching or behind is unpractical and might put others in the defensive. If it is your boss, it might as well arouse suspicion that you are doing something “else”.
There is a clever security gadget in the form of a foot switch called StealthSwitch to put you at ease. It can be concealed under your desk or workstation and works with just a tap of your toes. Depending on your user setting, it can totally hide from view your current window, all windows or specified windows. Additionally, StealthSwitch can also hide taskbars and desktop icons including asking for password before restoring to previous state. Simply tap the device again to go back to what you are doing or viewing.

It is relatively easy to set up, just install the bundled software and plant the device between the keyboard and PC or directly plug it into a USB port. The software requires Win 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP Home/Pro and the device comes with 6′ cable, USB-PS/2 Adapter, Installation CD and Quick Install Guide.

And that spy gadget is really a must-have in your collection of office gadgets, right geekies? Visit to avail.

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