Do Your Daily Reps with the Dumbell Alarm Clock

dumbell clockDo you want to get up early? Or how about getting the attention of the ladies in your office? Or maybe, hit two birds with one stone by going early into the office and have some free time to grab the attention of the ladies. The last one is probably the best thing to do but you should prepare yourself by getting this sleek Dumbell Alarm Clock.

You might have gotten the idea by now that this alarm clock shuts off by doing some curls. Yeah that is exactly it but you not only do 10 or 15, you should do 30! You have to do 30 reps of curls to make this buzzing thing goes off, by then you really must have been awake already before you even go to the shower. If you plan to the the extra mile, then why not do 15 on each arm and do it two times. So even the buzzing is already done, you are still pumping your way on this 10kg alarm clock  to looking good.

This dumbell has an LCD display to show what time it is and how much reps you have done in case you lose count. If ever you have already toned your biceps and triceps with this and don’t feel the burn anymore, then maybe it is time to make this a regular alarm clock by disabling the exercise mode and not making you do 30 reps to make this clock go silent.

Start the day right by waking up early and do some exercise too with this Dumbell Alarm Clock.

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