Do Mind Control with the Star Wars Force Trainer

star wars training kitThe force is the path to power. It flows all over our body and the only way to take hold of it is through training like a kung-fu student learning to be a master.

Master Yoda is in control electronically through this force training kit. It guides you to take hold of your force through 15 levels of intense brain wave challenging activities that is surely to make your brain go far far away. From Padawan (level 1) to Jedi Knight (level 15), you must concentrate in order to make the ball in the tube go up. The headset captures your brainwave activities namely alpha, beta, gamma and delta through the dry sensor and the headset will do the algorithm to measure your state of mind and focus. Depending on your state of mind and focus, the ball will rise up or down. It is up to your ability if you can make the ball reach the top. The ball movement comes from the air blowing from the bottom that moves accordingly to what the sensor in your head feeds it. This training set runs on 6xAA batteries and 3xAAA batteries for Padawans who want wireless training. For trainees who want to do some serious and long time training, an AC adapter can be used. Voices of Star Wars characters are also giving you words of encouragement to help you through your training.

Start training for $20 less than other shops are charging ($119.99) if you get this through the GeekieStore.

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