DJ on the Go with Touchtable Music Mix

touchtable music mix
The DJ is in the house! And in the next party! And in the next club! The DJ is everywhere! Thanks to the new Touchtable Music Mix – a portable music device with some serious party attitude. Be your own DJ anywhere and everywhere as this miniature turntable lets you scratch and mix music on the fly at your hearts content. This music mix device features a large controller wheel, much like that of an iPod, surrounding the circular LCD. One big difference though; the touch and pressure sensitive wheel works more like a DJ’s digital turntable. It’s tailored to work in tandem with the surrounding function buttons for a total control of position, timing and pitch of any music track. The cue output, including the beat and pitch, can be directed to either the side of the headphone where it can be further mixed and matched to create a final remix for the main phono output.
The function buttons are where the fun really starts – there’s the tempo button, cue and loop, skip, switch track, and finally audio kill button. The switch function allows users to simultaneously change to a secondary track and the kill audio button acts like a crossfader for a classic on vinyl scratch. Whether for a personal listening or live performance, Touchtable offers a complete DJ experience especially if wirelessly paired. The resulting setup is similar to the old school turntables but around eighth the size.

Get grooving with your own music remix; get your own music mixer here.

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