DIY WiFi Radio

Come on, with the costs of tech gadgets these days, a few people you know, or even yourself may not be able to afford buying one. Lucky are those who have enough budget to buy stuffs like these. But for ordinary persons who just earn enough to pay the rent and eat three meals a day, they have no other choice but to settle on looking and drooling at those gadgets. Or perhaps, wishing on a falling star that someday they can afford to buy one, yes even just one! But why wait for a falling star if you can do something to own that gadget you’ve long been dreaming? Why buy if you can do it yourself like this DIY WiFI Radio?

Many thanks to Jeff Keyzer of mightyOhm, you can now have your very own WiFi Radio by doing diywifiradioit yourself. If he was able to turn an ASUS WL-520gU router into an open source Internet radio streamer, you too can. Simply check out how he has done it and what materials he used to come up with this really amazing project. And guess what, he even eliminated the need for USB connectors in this device to save some space and wired the USB lines directly to the router.

Look closely at the finished product. Although it may not look as techie as the other gadgets available in the market these days, it sure serves its purpose for you to enjoy great music. Now, if you’re not into DIY stuff, better click here for more WiFI radio products.

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