Discovery Ultimate Star Planetarium – Turn Your Kids’ Room into a True Stellar Display

Wow! See how time flies? It’s the last day of the year and so, are you looking forward to the year 2010? For sure, you already have some plans ready for the year – perhaps, a makeover for your home, an extra job, travels, or maybe new gadgets for you and the kids. The last one will definitely be something that your kids will look forward to. But do you already have a concrete idea in mind? If none, maybe you would want to consider this – the Discovery Ultimate Star Planetarium.

Your kids will sure be amazed at how this motorized planetarium will turn their room into a true stellar display. Since it is designed to project 88 constellations and 12 celestial objects, including the 8 planets, Pluto, and its moon Charon, it allows them to view the night sky without the need to go out of their room or peak through the window.

To project all these and over 600 stars, the Discovery Ultimate Star Planetarium is equipped with super bright bulbs and also features a backlit navigational screen and a talking computer for more interactive fun. It also includes a searchable database where your kids can learn about 600 star facts and myths. And lastly, it has five modes for various astronomy settings and tours and a one-hour timer so your kids can doze off to sleep right under the stars.

The Discovery Ultimate Star Planetarium should really be included on your kids’ tech toys list next year. But as early as now, you can already order one. Check it out here.

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