Discovery Turbo Critter Catcher for That Little Entomologist

Discovery Turbo Critter CatcherThere is nothing like a good, literally bug infested film like Starship Troopers to bring out the Entomologist in you – or your child. Unless you’re part of the Terran Federation’s Mobile Infantry, grabbing a Morita Rifle when you are trying to “subdue” a bug is not very scientist like. Using a bug net on the other hand will make you look like a dork and a bug spray will make you more of a pest control guy rather than an entomologist.

To promote entomology without unnecessarily harming a totally innocent Earth creepy-crawly, the Discovery Turbo Critter Catcher is recommended. This fun gadget has all the cool factor of standard issue Cap trooper equipment minus the bullets. This pistol like device is actually a turbo charged vacuum designed to carefully capture ants, beetles, crickets and other small insects for close examination. It’s basically a gadget to catch little bugs without harming them.

Since creature catcher is designed for harmless catch and release explorations, using one during an Arachnid cleansing exercise in planet Klendathu is not a good idea. To better facilitate observation and foster interest in the minute details of the insect world, the Turbo Critter Catcher has built-in bug watching magnifier. It even has a turbo boost button for additional vacuum power in dealing with larger insects. The Turbo Catcher works right of the box – thanks to the included 6 AAA batteries.

Get your own here.

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