Digital Speed Sensing Baseball – Play Like a Pro

If you are into playing baseball, you should know that all the aspects of baseball training are important for your success as an athlete. Pitching skills, for one, should be developed early on. As a baseball player, you should be able to build pitching power by building not just arm strength but also other parts of the body such as your legs. You should follow simple running techniques such as running daily for at least 2 miles in a certain pattern in order to increase the necessary elements for you to gain speed while throwing a ball. And while practicing, you should also keep track of your pitching speed because that is one effective way for you to perfect your pitch. Now, if you are still relying on someone to time your speed, here’s a cool gadget toy that will make as your perfect practice mate – the Digital Speed Sensing Baseball.

digital_speed_sensing_ballDesigned mainly with patented speed-sensing technology, the Digital Speed Sensing Baseball is your one-of-a-kind baseball that clocks your pitching speed up to 100mph. Simply enter the distance, make your best pitch, and see how fast you did. Since the ball’s speed is registered immediately upon impact, you will know exactly whether your pitch has improved or not. So, whether you are new to playing baseball or have been playing for quite sometime, this gadget will sure inspire you to play like a pro. You can very much get this item for only $24.95.

Now, if you’re not into this sports but know someone who does, you can always get one to give as gift this coming holiday season. You can also check out Discovery Toys for a wide assortment of gadget gifts.

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