Digital Measuring Tape

If you know the definition between precise and accurate then this thing is for you. By accurate, we mean that the value obtained is near to the real value. Like if you measure a ruler with a real value of 12inches, the closer you get to 12 inches the more accurate you are. On the other hand,  a measurement is precise if the measurement values taken are close to one another. So if you want to be accurate when it comes to measurement up to the last mm, have a close look on this one.

digital_measuring_tape_inchesThis measuring device can be quite big as compared to you regular measuring tape. It has a large LCD display to let you look on your measurement in which houses the actual tape that can be retracted once you are done measuring. The whole tape can measure up to a very lengthy 16 feet and can read in metric or in feet and inches. The calibration of this amazing measuring gadget is up to 1/16th of a centimeter – definitely way way small for a real measuring tape and your eyes can see but is very much possible with the LCD display with big numbers. Convenience is also one thing covered since pulling the tape out will automatically turn off the device and letting it reel back would make it turn off – no switch or buttons to press.

I know that every cm counts in some of our DIY projects so this Digital Measuring Tape could definitely come in handy.

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