Digicube showcases newest MID-slash-cellphone

A MID is a shortcut for Mobile Internet Device. It is a handheld computer which provides wireless internet access. They are larger than the smartphones but smaller than Ultra Mobile PC.

IMG_2260Digicube has unveiled its newest MID, the MIDPhone-50. Its operating system is Windows XP. Its 800×480 touchscreen monitor measures 4.5 inches, and its keyboard is of the QWERTY kind.

It also has slots for mini USB, standard USB, and microSD. Other than these, it has a docking station with VGA output and a headset socket.

For its other specifications, it has the Intel Atom Z-series and its RAM has a maximum limit of 1 Gb, and like almost all laptops, it has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Although it has the touchscreen monitor, the area of bezel patterned like a flower found at the right of the display is sensitive by touch and is used for navigation.

However, one of the biggest downsides of the MIDPhone-50 is its battery life. Its energy only lasts for two hours before it shuts down with lack of power. It comes though with a battery charger.

Other than all these, this amazing MID is also a 3G cellphone.

The MID can prove very useful to students and professionals alike. Other than its portability, most MIDs are also almost complete with the features of a personal computer.  Since these are used when away from home, it will be perfect since you do not need everything from your PC brought to your work.

There is no news yet on the MIDPhone’s price and its availability date.

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