Dial and Talk Handsfree with the Cartel CT-2000 In-Car Bluetooth Handsfree System

You might think that taking and making a call while driving is far less dangerous than texting, but it is actually not. Why? Because studies showed that phone-driving can lead to two things: one, the driver physically breaking contact with the vehicle steering wheel and taking his eyes from the road for long period and two, losing concentration when being involved in the conversation. That is why, in most places today, phone-driving is strictly prohibited; drivers who violate this will be stopped by police and will get a ticket or pay spot fines for careless and dangerous driving. You would not want this to happen to you, right? So, if you are a person who is in the driver’s seat all the time and need to take and make calls more often than not, then you must equip yourself with the Cartel CT-2000 In-Car Bluetooth Handsfree System.

Designed with a full size keypad, the CT-2000 is a carphone style bluetooth hands free system that can be installed and wired to the audio system of any vehicle, allowing you to drive safely and prevent getting cell phone tickets. Once you turn on the ignition, your bluetooth enabled phone will link to this handsfree system to give you full control in making and taking a call handsfree. Now, if you want to make a call, there’s no need to dial all those numbers. This features a one-touch speed dialing, providing you both convenience and safety when driving. Plus, it includes other great features such as music control, new slim design, and room for your phone contacts.

So, why take the risk of getting a cellphone ticket if you can simply refrain from taking your phone out of your pocket or purse and holding it in your hand while driving? Equip yourself now with this CT-2000 In-Car Bluetooth Handsfree System. Or better check these other bluetooth car kits at Amazon.com for more options.

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