Desktop Coffee Maker

p2101_mainEveryone around the world is definitely perked up by this wonderful beverage commodity that ranks number two in the most consumed beverage and has been mentioned in every comedy sitcom in one way or another. What else but coffee! This wonder and definitely legal stimulant is very much common in people’s lives already. I bet work productivity would definitely come crashing down if not for this.

Then why not brew your own at the comfort of your desk with a desktop coffee maker. This no fuss coffee maker is just like the one you have all brewing up for the whole family in your kitchen but only on a miniature size. This one is compact to fit your desk and also brews coffee just enough for two cups at a time so you don’t bear the burden of brewing for everyone or having to drink coffee that has been staying there for quite some time already. All you have to do is put some ground coffee in the filter and let its mechanical magic stave away sandman for a few more hours. Having this on your desk, you don’t need to stand up and grab a coffee yourself or wait in line inside an overpriced coffee shops just to get your morning (or night) jolt on.

With every purchase comes two iconic black mugs for that complete coffee experience. Brew your own coffee right on your desk with the Desktop Coffee Maker.

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