Designer Binary Clock – R2D2 of Time Pieces

How do you spell geek in time language? Simple – Designer Binary Clock! A smart looking clock for smart people who wants to view time differently, as the name of the gadget suggests, in binary format. It has mesmerizing colored dot display to tell the time in a rather unconventional way. It may take time in getting used to it depending on your mathematical aptitude. The Designer Binary Clock can be wall mounted, and depending on your creativity, your wall may end up like R2d2’s living room. One crazy thing about this unique time piece is that you can impress your guests (with a bit of practice of course) on how you can read the dots and flashes on your futuristic clock.

The clock is capable of displaying 12 or 24 hour format with two modes. The binary and BCD modes differ on how you read the time. In binary, you read and add the value of dots by column. Each column starting from the leftmost has a value of 1, 2, 4, 8, and so on. In the BCD mode on the other hand, you read the time by row. The Designer Binary Clock comes with instructions on how to read time in a binary way and is powered by 3 x AA batteries. To get a glimpse of the future, you can see more of the product here.

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