Dell Latitude XT2 XFR – Laptop, Tablet and a Whole Lot of Attitude

During the old times of yore, doing a field work means down and dirty. Grunts usually work on hay, mud, bricks, corn and wheat. It also involves whole lot of sweat, tilling and the occasional whipping. Now field work takes on whole different context, but one thing never changed – a hands-on approach to get things done. The new Dell Latitude XT2 XFR multi-touch tablet PC is the perfect tool to get things done without getting down dirty. Increase your field productivity as you’ll definitely get your hands full with its rugged outdoor features and multi-touch capabilities.
First off, whether in a laptop or tablet form, its multi-touch screen provides quick and easy navigation. By performing simple finger gestures such as pinching or tapping, you can open, scroll, resize, rotate and zoom on-screen objects. This gadget also has a digitizer pen for an extra input option. Second, the Latitude XT2 XFR is optimized for the field that’s why it has an outdoor readable 12.1″WXGA screen and a full sized keyboard. This device can be used hassle-free anytime of the day whether indoors or outdoors. The best part is the Latitude’s P54 (Ingress Protection) standard and MIL-STD-810G military grade design. This tough tablet can endure harsh environmental conditions and survive a 3-foot drop. Among its protective features include the use of Solid State Drive, sturdy hinges, covered I/O ports, thermal management and optional rubber keyboards.

The Dell Latitude XT2 XFR is powered by Intel Core 2 Duo and comes with Windows Vista Business. Click here to see more related products for Dell Latitude XFR.

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