Define portable computing with Archos 5

ARCHOS_5_Internet_Tablet_AmbianceGoogle Android platform was developed for computing devices such as mobile phones with its first device named HTC Dream followed by different models such as the Hero and of different sorts coming from different manufacturers. Aside from mobile phones, with the open source advantage of the Android device, it has allowed other avenues for development such as in the portable computing scene which the Archos 5 is a product of. The Archos 5 is like the Archos 7‘s little brother that we have talked about here on Geekie before but with some differences.

The Archos 5 has a 4.8inch 800×480 pixel resolution touch screen which is close to its name and might make users equate to 5inches of screen. Music formats that you have in your computer wouldn’t be a problem since the device has built in media decoders not only for music but also for pictures and video files. All of these can be fitted into the internet tablet’s hard drive or flash memory that is inserted through the memory card port. Taking pictures and videos is also easy because of the built-in camera.

Different connectivity options available are Bluetooth, WiFi, FM transmitter, and FM receiver. Battery life can last for a good 22 hours when music playing or 7 hours when a movie is being played. Weighing at just 286 grams, the Archos 5 is really light in the pocket and wouldn’t be burdensome. The slim and tough construction is also seen a good plus from this device.

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