DataLocker Drive Enclosure – Hard Protection for Your Hard Drive

datalocker external hard drive enclosureIf only the world is without thieves. The sad truth is we are not in a perfect world we owe it to ourselves to protect our precious investments whether the tangible or the digital. We have the safes and vaults for our money, garages for our cars and firewalls for our computers. How about our digital possessions like personal data, classified company files and sensitive documents that we bring along and use everyday? Bringing those bit and bytes to work, school, or in travel exposes it to possible loss and worse it can be stolen. The worst case scenario is somebody might gain access to your files without your knowledge and permission that can result in data theft, security risks and loss of privacy.
There is a way to add protection for all those data and information, the DataLocker Drive Enclosure. Basically, it locks down your own 2.5″ Notebook-style SATA hard drive that you carry with you in a smooth aluminum enclosure. The device is password protected and can be accessed by providing a user defined PIN using the backlit touch-sensitive panel. For added data security, password can be up to 12 digits long. This drive locker can be easily locked afterwards with a touch. The enclosure uses a USB 2.0 port for fast data transfer up to 480 Mbps. There is also no need to use an external power supply or batteries since it uses power from the USB port. The DataLocker is Windows, Linux and Mac compatible.

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