Dance to your favorite tunes with the new KEF Concept Blade

KEF, the Innovators in Sound, has come up with the newest and most exceptional loudspeakers. The conceptualization of this amazing product took lots of research and study. The makers of the Concept Blade didn’t want to imitate what other loudspeaker companies have already done. They wanted an innovation that will be unique both in its design and technology used.

Other than the fact that it is a creative product different from other conventional loudspeakers, it is also made with materials of the highest quality. The cabinet enclosing the speakers are made with carbon fiber woven over balsa wood.

Although the technology used in this product is very complicated, KEF still wanted to keep it simple. The speakers are made to deliver audio with no break-up, and the cabinet enclosing the speakers are also designed so as not to interfere with the audio coming from the speakers.

glasscabOne of the biggest secrets hidden within the Concept Blade is the four side-firing woofers arranged symmetrically by pairs. This technology greatly boosts its bass. The Uni-Q driver array, kept within the product, is greatly responsible for providing vocals that sound so natural. These components work together in flawless harmony and successfully provide sound with great quality and speechless beauty.

Innumerable blogs and news reports express immense awe in the great design and technology of the Concept Blade. KEF has raised the bar higher and is exceeding expectations everywhere in the industry of sound technology.

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