Dan Roe’s Solar-Powered Trilobot

Most robots today are used to do repetitive actions or jobs considered too dangerous for humans. They can explore inside gas tanks, volcanoes, Mars and other places too unsafe for humans to go. They never get sick, don’t need to take a day off, and they don’t ever complain. They can do one thing over and over again without getting bored – is that something you could do? Think about it – standing in one place doing the same thing all day and night would get pretty boring.

And now, here’s something that pays tribute to life forms from the olden days – the Trilobot that is solar-powered and fully autonomous, being smart to search out for its own juice to make sure the no human master will ever need to place it under sunlight whenever it “dies” when hiding under a couch for too long a period of time.


Designed by Dan Roe as a “kinetic art” project, this minimally designed sculptural robot is autonomous in control since its compound eyes differentially control rostral and caudal legs a weak phototropism, while its sensitive motors respond unpredictably to one another and to the surface that are moving over. This sculpture is designed with open source circuits and off the shelf technologies, including o-rings and hose clamps. Made of steel including its solar engine, it measures 10” x 7-1/2” x 3-1/2”.

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  1. I like this devise! Although most cool gadgets are a little pricy, these type of products are very cool. I love all the solar gadgets and own many myself. This technology is the RIGHT direction and we should all be doing our share. Not everyone can afford and/or have the room for powering their homes but we can all utilize the solar gadgets that are currently out there, with more to come.

  2. I met dan roe when he came to guwahati,india, and saw his solar powered trilobot .i was very thrilled to see it because making of robots and all ,is very expensive but making such type of robots is within anyone’s reach.I am PERSUING mechanical eng. and hope to make all such stuffs someday and become as famous as dan roe.

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