Cyber Surfer R/C Spaceboard

spaceboardHave you thought that the future is full of personal flying vehicles, jet packs or teleportation devices? Well, we keep on dreaming and until that dream is realized, all we can do is conceptualize, conceptualize, and just conceptualize. However, the future is already here for our toys since this remote controlled spaceboard is definitely cool!

Powered by two counter-rotating ducted fans that elevate it from the ground, leaving the ground wouldn’t be a problem at all. It is powerful enough to lift itself (of course) and the robot figure surfing in the air with it. Learning how to fly is definitely a breeze since all you have to do is to control the motion from left to right and up or down and you’ll be learning how to make those cool 360 turnarounds in no time. You don’t have to worry about making the thing crashing to the ground the minute you make it fly since there is a built-in solid state accelerometer that automatically stabilizes the spaceboard in its upright position. When in flight, the graceful movements and change of directions definitely make air surfing look way cooler than surfing in the beach.

Each package comes with a 120v AC adapter to charge the batteries. Each full charge will take about 50 minutes and will last for 10 minutes of continuous flight. It might be quite short but would be sufficient enough to make quick flights here and there. This can be a cool note messenger in your office if you don’t want to walk the thing yourself. Just put a post-it or clip a note and you’re set.

Interested? Go over at to get yours.

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