Cuddly Smart E-Bear for Your Techie Children


In our generation, our educational toys could have been using an old school read or listen and learn type and the most that we have would be learning from a prerecorded teacher through a DVD or VCD just like how Dora and Blue does. Now, there is Smart E-Bear that is geared up 2.0 style for your kids.

Smart E-Bear can tell stories, play games with your child, and can sing songs at your child’s desire with a press on its paw. Moreover, this techie bear can recorgnize your kid’s name with its preloaded database of boys and girls name of around a thousand. This cuddly bear is also multi-lingual! It knows how to speak English to your child, Spanish for your hijo and hija right out of the box. The USB interface that this bear has can be found on its back which can connect to Windows and Mac computers. Just like the iPod, this device has its own iTunes-like software called E-Store where you could download additional contents like more songs, stories and games. Additonal languages are also available through the store for French and Chinese kids that Smart E-Bear is very much willing to play with.

This bear can also be programmed to interact with your children in different of ways so that your developing child can always be challenged. The Smart E-Bear measures 12″x14″x10″ and ready to play as it comes with 2AA batteries. Now learning isn’t just fun, it is also cute and cuddly!

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