Credit Card Lightbulb – Flip Up for Light

Light bulbs have been around for a long time. And in spite of technological advancements on which innovative lights are introduced, they still continue to have prominent places in our homes and lives. Yes, they may be simple, but without them, nights will be darker and homes will be a lot lonelier. The illumination that they provide is very important to our daily lives. That is why, nowadays, they are continuously improved so that even in our wallets, we can carry a lightbulb to help us walk through in dark places.

credit_card_lightbulbLightbulb in wallet? Is that possible? The answer is a big YES. With the Credit Card Lightbulb, we can easily flip up for light. Wonder why it’s called Credit Card Lightbulb? Think about this – where do we usually put our credit cards? In our wallets, right? So, basically, the Credit Card Lightbulb is tailored to fit inside a vacant credit card slot. It is actually almost the same size as a credit card, only a bit thicker because of the unfolding LED light that is tastefully shaped like a bulb. Simply flip up the lightbulb, and off goes a soft, mellow, glow of bliss.

The light that the Credit Card Lightbulb provides may not be as significant as compared to those bulbs that we normally use. But if ever we find ourselves unexpectedly in the dark, this cute little gadget that uses a 3V built in battery to power its light source will sure be to the rescue.

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