Create Your Own Gadget Using the BUGlabs Modular Gadget Factory

bdbd_buglabs_bug_bundleAs a tech geek, you could be waiting for the latest WiFi device, GPS module or even a motion sensing gadget from big electronic companies. But wouldn’t you like to create your own spy device, your own gadget that will monitor your Tweeter feeds, Facebook status updates or e-mails? All you need is some programming knowledge and BUGlabs Modular Gadget Factory kit, and then you’re all set to build the gadget that you like!

bdbd_buglabs_bug_bundle_inhandYou might have heard of modular homes that are composed of prefabricated parts or sections and then built on the site. This same concept is applied on this gadget kit; different prefabricated gadget components are available inside which can be connected to one another to create a new device. Like if you want to create a monitoring device, you could connect the BUGmotion component to the BUGbase and you already have a motion detection device with built-in accelerometer. Want to add GPS capability and remote tracking? Then connect the BUGlocate and you’re set to track, and with the WiFi built-in the BUGbase, you can even view it on the internet! There are a lot of gadgets that you can create using this kit. All you need is some knowledge on Java programming and you can create your own applications. The open-source Linux creation gadget platform doesn’t impede your creativity of having a prototype of the next big consumer gadget hit!

Create your own gadgets by getting the BUGlabs Modular Gadget Factory.

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