Crazy Golf Balls!

crazy-golf-balls_mainGolf is one of those “silent” games. When you watch golf on ESPN, things are very calm and laid back as the trees in the fairway. The commentators speak in a calm and low voice as if they would really disturb the players as they speak. If you compare this to basketball, the crowd is screaming “defense!” over and over again as opposed to the crowd waiting for the player to hit the ball and clap politely. With this very formal and gentleman’s game named golf, why not make it a bit more loose and with a little fun and excitement using these crazy golf balls!

crazy-golf-balls_alt1The crazy golf balls know how to play a prank on golfers. The Exploder detonates on impact as the driver head hits the ball. The ball turns into a cloud of white dust as if some magic trick just happened. If the Exploder is too much of a surprising prank then the Jetstreamer could be the perfect trick. When the Jetsreamer ball gets hit, 15 feet of streaming ribbon will set loose. If the Exploder and Jetstreamer give a show, the Phantom does its trick without a trace. The Phantom ball flies for a really short bit and then vanishes into a watery mist. Then the last would be the Unputtaball which is every golfer’s nightmare. The Unpattaball wouldn’t simply go over a straight line when hit on the green and would just wobble all over the place.

The great news is that you get all of these four balls on every purchase! Get these 4 prank golf balls as a gift to your golfer friends!

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