Cowon S9 – An Alternative for the iPod Touch?

We all know that iPods have taken over the world. The iPod is truly a phenomenal device and ever since it existed, it has spawned hundred of cool gadgets to accommodate the iPod in various circumstances. But this time around, I won’t be talking about iPod and we won’t be discussing a new iPod accessory. We will be talking about Cowon S9 – the perfect alternative to the iPod Touch [well, just in case you hate Apple].

cowon s9

Cowon S9 is a multimedia player that combines a ground-breaking video quality and possibly the best sounding audio quality. It uses BBE+ – the state-of-the-art sound effect that is delicate yet powerful. Now, through delicate tuning based on BBE+ and EQ, Cowon S9 provides an ultimate sound experience with EQ presets. It also comes with JetEffect 2.0 which fully supports customizable, user-defined presets.

Design wise, Cowon S9 boasts an exquisite combination of curves, encompassing ease of use, beautiful exterior, durability, and comfortable grip. And with Cowon S9’s AMOLED display with 16million vibrant colors, videos, photos, and flash games are delivered for your visual enjoyment in the most realistic and clearest colors possible.

Cowon S9’s built-in Bluetooth capability will also allow you to enjoy all your multimedia files without the clutter of wires. This short-range wireless communication technology frees you from the frustration of wire catching on objects and getting plugged out from the frequent contact in crowded areas like subway stations.

A selection of Cowon S9 is offered here.

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