Coughing Ashtray – The Fun Way to Quit Smoking

One big question that hangs on many smokers mind when they already want to quit is, “How do I quit smoking without going through many struggles?” It’s true, quitting smoking can be a real pain! So, just the thought that the process can be a lot to bear makes them think twice about giving it up. Although there are a few smokers who try, the withdrawal symptocoughingashtray1ms just keep getting them back to the habit. If only there’s a better way. But, could there really be such a thing as quitting smoking the fun way?

Oh yes! There is! Simply look at this coughing ashtray that starts coughing when you put a cigarette in it. Although it looks like an ordinary ashtray, wait until you hear it coughs, and for sure you’ll laugh at how funny that sound could be. Funny indeed, because you will sound just like that if you do not quit smoking. So, let this coughing ashtray stop you from giving in every time you feel that urge to smoke.

coughingashtray2Now, if the coughing ashtray works for you, why not share the humor to your friends or family members who are also in the habit of smoking? This will make a great novelty gift for those people whom you want to help quit smoking the fun way. Whether it’s for your best bud, your brother, your dad, or even your dad-in-law, this motion activated coughing ashtray will sure keep any ardent smoker from being tempted to puff another cigarette.

So, help yourself and help others quit smoking the fun way. Get this coughing ashtray by simply clicking here.

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