Cooler for the Ultimate Bum


Three, two, one and he scores!!! Those last words from a basketball game could be the last things that any fan wouldn’t like to miss. Unfortunately, it could happen that you just ran out of drinks and couldn’t just sit there in the couch without drinking anything. So you are forced to stand up and grab some drinks for yourself which is unfortunate as you just missed the most critical part of the game. Having a personal butler to get something for you would be expensive, building a Mister Magorium like contraption would be impossible and training your dog to fetch you some drinks wouldn’t be that as easy as well. Then try this R/C Drinks Cooler and let the drinks come to you.

While this drinks cooler isn’t close to R2D2, it could serve the purpose well. Its body can hold 12 bottles or 10 cans of beverages and is available at your command. The bottle cap shaped remote control could function even from 30 feet away so even if you have such a large house, it wouldn’t be a problem as long as you know every nook and cranny of your home. Game over? No problem since this moving cooler’s body can be compressed like an accordion for easy storage. The mystery moving mechanism underneath isn’t powered by some sort of hovering device but rather by 4 sure-grip wheels.

The whole device including the remote control is powered by batteries so no wires will restrict your cooler. On the contrary, the C and 9volt batteries that you would be using aren’t included with the device so be sure to also get them here.

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